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It is every homeowner’s goal to make sure that their home exterior leaves a good impression to anyone. They invest in services like lawn maintenance, gardening, even and window washing. Among all of these home improvements, the most valuable cleaning service out there is pressure washing.


You Should Have Your House Pressure Washed by A Plus Professionals Because:

Appearance - Primarily, homeowners avail of professional pressure cleaning services because they want to enhance the beauty of their homes. It increases your home’s curb appeal. If you are planning to sell your house, it is important to increase its curb appeal. If your home looks unsightly, prospective home buyers would most likely not put an offer.

Home value - Did you know that the pressure washing your home can increase its value by $10,000 -15,000? That is according to the National Association of Realtors. If your house is maintained correctly, it will definitely have high resale value. Pressure washing is a great solution for houses that are starting to look old, dull, and dirty, and that is why A Plus Waxhaw Pressure Washing Company is here for.

Save money - A Plus’ house pressure washing Waxhaw NC prevents future damage to your homes that would entail costly repairs. A good cleaning can restore your home’s exterior to its original condition. It also washes away dirt and other substances that can cause decay, thus extending the life of your beloved abode. 

Health and safety - Your house is also the home of many germs and bacteria as it is constantly exposed to harmful elements, UV rays, pollution, and other contaminants. Some of these can pose serious health threats to you and your family. Even the mold, grime, and algae can be a threat to your safety, too! If not dealt with, they can be the cause of injuries and accidents due to slipping or falling. Also, pressure washing can be very tricky, especially for first timers. Deciding on the amount of pressure and which power attachments to use is better left to a professional Waxhaw pressure washing company. We help prevent further damages brought by lack of proper knowledge and experience.

Save time, electricity, and water. Why waste your time in trying to clean your home exterior when you can hire professionals to do the job? Investing in A Plus house pressure washing Waxhaw NC saves your time and guarantees that the work is done correctly and efficiently. A professional also ensures that you save money by cutting unnecessary expenses brought by do-it-yourself pressure washing.

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A Plus Power Washing, LLC provides commercial pressure washing and power washing services to the following areas: Indian TrailWesley ChapelWeddingtonUnionvilleMonroeMatthewsMt HollyBelmontCharlotteMarvinIndian Land SCLocustHarrisburgConcordHuntersvilleStallingsMint HillFort Mill SCTega CayBallantyne and surrounding areas.