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3 Things You Should Pressure Wash Yearly

Did you know that a cleaner house increases property value? Even if you’re not selling your Charlotte NC home, power-washing parts of your home will make things look a lot better. Today we’re going to look at three things that should be pressure washed on a yearly basis.


Decks and Porches

This is probably the one place outside your home that you spend the most time. In the summers you spend time with your friends and family, watching your kids play, grilling summer meals, and more.

Decks and porches are also very expensive to build and repair. That makes power washing even more important beyond the mere vanity of wanting your deck to be clean. Power washing can remove harmful chemicals and algae which can cause the wood to deteriorate quicker than it should. Here at A Plus Pressure Washing, we can help you get to even the most remote parts of your deck and porch to ensure that they are as clean as they can be. Decks add immense value to your home. If you’re listing your home, a freshly power washed deck can increase its value (not to mention, look more pleasing to the eye to prospective buyers!).  

Sidewalks and Driveways

Did you know that small crevices open up in the sidewalks and driveway surrounding your home? These small cracks allow in dirt and sunlight which can cause weeds to grow where they shouldn’t.

By power washing these places once a year, you not only prevent these cracks from growing unwanted weeds, but you keep your concrete from staining with things like oil from your car. As with decks, pristine concrete in these places significantly improve the value of your property. 

Property Fences

If your property is lined with wooden fences, these are also prime candidates for power washing. Like with your deck, these accumulate a lot of detritus and dirt from nature. This can range from bird excrement to algae. By having a professional Charlotte pressure washing company come in, such as ourselves, you will likely extend the life of your wooden fence as the wood will stay stronger much longer.


While pressure washing may not seem as important at first, having parts of your home power washed each year can not only help its overall appearance, but help extend its overall lifespan. If you wait too long to take care of dirty or faded areas, the surfaces either stain or become incredibly hard to clean. This means that if in the future you want to sell your home, you may have a much harder time cleaning things up before you can put it on the market for the full market value.

By scheduling a power washing appointment every year, you’ll get the dirt and grime off of your home, and will prevent future complications. Ready to schedule your next pressure washing? Contact us today at 704-502-1893 to get started.

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